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3-D modeling methods


Painting is different than traditional modeling because it simulates using paint brushes to add texture or deform objects. Using painting programs can sometimes make it easy to create organic objects and details.


Amorphium, from Electric Image, is designed to make your 3D models look more realistic. To create objects you start with traditional shapes or models imported from other programs. Then you select a brush and paint the model, only instead of adding textures the model is deformed in real time. Numerous reviews have been written about Amorphium and most agree that for $150 this program is a steal. Check out a review from Maximum PC. A pro edition is also available.

DAZ Productions Hexagon

Hexagon provides polygonal and subdivision surface modeling with a sculpting/painting like interface. The videos offer a quick way to see what Hexagon is capable of.

Maya Artisan

Artisan is a high end, paint brush based, texturing and modeling program.

Maya Paint Effects

Maya Paint Effects, from Alias|Wavefront, comes as part of Maya Complete or as a plugin for Adobe After Effects. Paint Effects allows you to create 2D and 3D plant life, solar systems, and more much quicker than is possible with normal modeling programs.

In a recent issue, 3D World printed a tutorial showing how design studio 422 used Maya Paint Effects to create realistic moving feathers for a television show. Recreating the effect with traditional modeling tools would be extremely difficult.

Other programs and devices mentioned in this section provide new ways to model objects, but Paint Effects provides an innovative way to add detail to those models.


VRMesh is a free-form 3d modeling software for arbitrary triangle mesh creating and processing, based on our industry-leading technologies: Point Cloud to Mesh , Smart Form , Digital Clay , Mesh Editing , and Surface Curve Editing .


Pixologic's Zbrush allows you to virtually sculpt models and paint textures. The interface does not follow traditional windows conventions which might be good or bad depending on the user.

SculptingImage Based


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