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3D Computer Graphics Links


3D Cafe - a large site that has a lot of 3D models and tips. If you want something for free click on free stuff.
Beyond3D - great coverage of graphics hardware and the best forums for technical discussions.
Linux App Finder - a site devoted to making it easier to find valuable Linux applications.
Mesh Modeling Tutorial - a great tutorial for beginners to mesh modeling. The concepts apply to most modeling programs, but the tutorial is written for 3D Studio MAX.
POV-Ray - the Persistence of Vision Raytracer - a free raytracing program. Provides a great environment to learn 3D graphics.
Ultimate 3D Links - links to information on all kinds of 3D material.
ZM Games - download a free game, called Invasion: Repel and Rebuild. It's a 3D remake of the classic arcade game Rampart and the game play is reminiscent of Missile Command and Tetris.

Computer Graphics Magazines

3D World
Computer Arts
Computer Graphics World
Game Developer

Free 3D Software

A list of free 3D modeling and video software.

Other Links

3D graphics

3D Community - A dynamic image gallery, where users can upload, critique, rate or comment 3D-rendered images.
3D Car Modelbank at The123d.
3Dexcellence - a gallery, textures, and tutorials.
3d furniture (The123d.com) - 3d furniture models to enhance your computer imagery.
3D Gaming World - gaming news, reviews, etc.
3D Glasses - American Paper Optics, Paper 3D Glasses, 3-D Glasses Manufacturer. They've manufactured over 500,000,000 paper 3D glasses and can satisfy your taste for 3D.
3D Kingdom - free 3ds max tutorials, 3d models, textures, 3d links, 3d downloads, forums
3D ModelWORKS - a secure environment for modelers and consumers to meet, view artwork, correspond, and buy and sell 3D models on-line.
3DNuta - a personal site. The blueprint section contains front, back, and side views of many objects. The blueprints are useful for 3D modeling.
3D Resources - tutorials, models, textures, a gallery, links, and forums.
3D Scan Company - Specializes in 3D scanning and reverse engineering services. They also create custom 3D scanning systems in addition to reselling existing 3D scanners and software.
3DSite - they have a very comprehensive links page and some message boards.
3D Total - download models, textures, and artwork.
3D VIM - marketplace for 3d. More 2300 3d models, lots of free, boutique, personal showrooms ... Good conditions for sellers and buyers.
3DValley - they provide free 3D models/meshes for download, free textures, tutorials and have a large user Gallery.
Aarkid 3d product illustration - 3d product tours and Virtual demos for ecommerce websites.
Altair Models - a very comprehensive 3D model bank.
Animators-Online - you can download FREE motion capture videos, bip files, 3d models, FX sounds, Textures, tutorials and much more!
Art Of Gaming - original images movies and 3d models related to original games such as starcraft, tiberian sun, and more. You can also find here other resources such as tutorials and free games.
Blacksmith3D - a host of tools for reshaping and painting your 3D characters and objects.
Capture 3D - offers 3d scanning solutions including 3-dimensional inspection services, laser scanning systems, reverse engineering services, 3d laser digitizing systems and 3d vision systems.
Continuum Skies - FREE JPEG images, 360 deg spherical maps of many skies for any 3d program, ie Lightwave, 3dMax, Maya, softimage.
Daz Productions - quality 3D content for art & animation.
Digital Brilliance - 3D resources, Windows tweaks, and more.
Exstream Media - Free Streaming 3d Characters that talk, sing and act!
Find 3D - a search engine for 3d content.
Flash Fire Designs - they offer custom 3D modeling and many 3D models.
Gallery of 3D - The Ultimate 3D Gallery.
Gulf Knight's Air Base - offers free 3ds & Cob models of all kinds, but specializes in military-type objects.
Help 3D - site for 3d graphics and animation design. Contains a lot of forums and free stuff. 3d models, textures, motion capture, photos and clip art, 3d art.
In 3D - 3D graphics news, product information, links and more.
Max3D - plugins, tutorials, etc. for 3D Studio MAX.
Max-Realms - free 3ds models, free 3ds Max files, Tutorials, Textures,MaxScripts, R3-R7 Plugins.
Mesh Project - offers 5 Maya plugins for modeling and animating human heads, including hair.
Mpavlos.biz - 3d model store, offering ready to use CG 3d models. Economic prices and great quality of models. The models are available to customers worldwide.
Mr. CAD - 3-dimensional models for architects and interior designers. Including some free models.
Pawas - More than 1000 Tutorials of 3D Studio Max, Animation Master, AutoCAD, Bryce, Carrara, Cinema4D, Combustion, Lightwave, Maya and many more. Also featuring 100s of Objects and plugins of 3D Studio Max. 100s of High Quality Textures. 100s of Fonts. 100% Free
Planet 3D - your source for Bryce 3D & 4, Amorphium, and Poser resources.
Reebo's Meshyard - download and share meshes. View thumbnails of each mesh.
ROOMS 3d desktops - wallpapers and desktop icons among which you move (just like a 3d game). Organize stuff in a fast, flexible free virtual reality world.
ScienceGL - Professional Software Solutions for 3D/4D Scientific Visualization
Slobodantown 2004 - an example of how VRML can be used to help tell a story.
VRInternal 3D Interactive - a site devoted to Web3D graphics (X3D, VRML).


BlackMagic Image Enhancement - colorize your black and white images and photographs.

Cybia - Creative resource studio including PhotoShop reviews and freeware.
FilmWatcher - the only shorts site where you can download the films!
VideoSnap - video editing software provides for 'one touch' automatic extraction of distinct high quality photos, from a video file

General Graphics

CAD Design Software - PunchCAD offers state-of-the-art tools for creating and editing CAD drawings.  Both 3D and 2D development, both Macintosh (Mac) and PC.
CG Planet SM - computer graphics news and links.
DesktopPublishing - links to graphics sites and information about desktop publishing.
Entourage Arts - Non photorealistic rendering entourage elements for architectural graphics, architectural images and architectural illustration.
FlashAdvisor - Flash advice, resources, tutorials, movies, and more.
FlashCircle - great Flash resource site.
Flash intro template - Software to build and design flash intros and HTML websites. Over fifty layouts to choose from. Free trial download available. Full version price - $29.95
Graphics & Scripting Tools - ultimate Scripting and Vector Graphics platforms, free solutions.
GraphicsNews - lists top sites in various categories.
In Depth Arts - they hold a monthly themed art contest. Go win some prizes.
Infinitee Designs - Galleries, 3D graphics, 2D illustrations, tutorials, models, resources, Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy, Rock, T-shirts, futuristic, free wallpaper and actions, sensual and psychedelic art, 3D Studio Max, Bryce 4, Poser and Photoshop art by Ralph Hawke Manis.
Intelligent Modeler - easy to use animation software.
Logo Design - Pear Logo Design supplies businesses worldwide with professional logo design services through a dedicated team of graphic design specialists.
PlasmaStormGraphics - Graphic services and resources, featuring the Natural Elements texture packages.
Photo911 - photo restoration services.
ResPower - a render farm and digital library to help you get projects done faster.
Sub Dimension Studios - architectural and natural texture collections, web and logo design services.
Ultra3D - free models of furniture and other items for architectural rendering.
Vizog - Make montages and collages from your own photographs for free and get them printed out on t-shirts, mousemats or use them as computer desktop wallpaper.


123cheats - a cheats page for you gamers out there.
Chameleon's Den - they offer a fine selection of vintage video games and systems.
Cheat Your Game - Well organized cheats for Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, and Game Boy Advance.
Sollok - game cheats and reviews.
Speedy 3D - coverage of the gaming industry including hardware and software news, reviews, interviews, and more.


1stClassComputers - a directory covering all areas of computers. Not just graphics.
Aftermath Reviews - PC hardware & accesory reviews.
All Creative Portfolios - Free Online portfolios and other information about running your creative business.
Computer5 - a comprehensive computer directory.
ComputersSquare.com - A comprehensive index of web-based Computer related resources.
eXtremeReviews - hardware and software reviews, how-to guides, and the latest news.
Insane Hardware - news and reviews from Austrailia.
x-bit labs - special hardware infocenter
PC Mechanic - computer how-tos including building your own PC or server.
PC NewsCenter - they have links to the newest articles from sites across the net.
Phoronix - the goal of Phoronix is to provide the public with a one-stop resource for locating editorial reviews on the latest computer hardware and consumer electronic reviews.


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