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3-D modeling methods


In the future it is likely that all of these technologies will have a role to play, depending on the object that is being modeled, and the skill type of the modeler.


3D Scanner - a free image based modeling program. The source code is available.

ArBa3d - designed to help create a 3D-model from a set of photos in some simple steps.

Electric Image - the creators of Amorphium.

Maya Paint Effects - uses a painting metaphor to create a variety of effects.

FreeForm from SensAble Technologies - force feedback modeling.

Image Sculpturer - does not use an automatic approach for transforming images in 3d space. Instead the main idea of Image Sculpturer is to let the user do this analogous task in a very effective and intuitive fashion because the human is in the interpretation of images unbeatable. As a result Image Sculpturer should be much more flexible than other image-based modeling tools.

MERL - Lego type block modeling.

Mudbox - a high resolution brush-based 3D sculpting software that is built from the ground up to address the needs of the professional digital sculptor.

Novint Falcon - a 3D haptic controller for consumers.

Surface Drawing homepage - view some examples of three dimensional models sculpted by hand.

For information on 3-D cameras and scanners read the article in the Cool Technologies section.

MicroScribe-3D - a digitizer for objects up to 66".

Photogrammetry/Image-based modeling products: 3D Snapper, 3D Scanner, 3DSOM, Canoma, D Vision Works Limited, FotoG, ImageModeler, iModeller 3D, Nverse Photo, PhotoModeler, PhotoScan, Eyetronics, Scanetica, StereoScan.

SketchUp - a 3D modeling program that employs a sketch metaphor to allow inanimate objects to be easily created.



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