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Three Guesses introduces 3D printing service

ERIE , CO - Three Guesses, Inc. has introduced a service to produce flat images with realistic, deep 3D for computer graphics artists worldwide. Further information on the Print Yours printing service is available at www.threeguesses.com. The flat images with full 3D and full color produce a "Wow!" viewing experience. The holographic-like 3D effects are quickly and comfortably seen by anyone with normal vision. The Three Guesses technology is based on a completely new way of using (lenticular) lens sheets.

People are fascinated by Three Guesses images. A 45-year-old home decorator said, "It comes right out at you. I keep wanting to reach out and touch it." A gift industry veteran, after several minutes of spellbound silence, said, "I have never seen anything like this."

The ability to create unaided true 3D viewing has been anticipated for years. Full stereo 3D viewing has historically required either special devices or awkward eye contortions that many people can't perform. In addition, the creation of full 3D imagery has required special equipment and knowledge, limiting its availability to a small number of enthusiasts. With the Three Guesses process, creating and viewing full stereo imagery is simple.

Three Guesses has developed image processing, production methods, tools and resources that put this 3D experience in the hands of artists working in 3D. Digital 3D artists create art, content for animated films, video games and printed promotional pieces. However, the actual 3D effect is rarely experienced directly by the 3D artists themselves, let alone by wider audiences. This content can be printed with little additional work on the part of the artists.

The response from one digital artist was, "Wahooo!!! The prints arrived safely and they look just gorgeous! The colors are fantastic and very vivid. Thank you very much!"

Three Guesses images cannot be duplicated electronically-providing an important benefit for artists and other content owners. Company spokesman, Carl Symons, said, "We provide tools that help artists do amazing work. The Three Guesses service gives them the ability to share their art widely. And it ensures that these artists receive the proper recognition and reward for their hard work and creativity."

Three Guesses, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is privately held. Extensive optical research and software development form the basis of the Three Guesses' technology. The Company is headquartered in Erie , Colorado . The Company has artist and business relationships in the United States , Europe and Australia .


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