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DramaView Announces Novel "Multi Mode" High Resolution Display


DramaView Technology Inc. has invented a novel display architecture that operates in three different viewing modes. The first mode is standard 2D. The second mode is true 3D that enables multiple viewers to each have correct perspective 3D views without the need of special head gear or head tracking. The third mode is "multi program mode" which enables multiple viewers to each watch different programs on the same display at the same time.

An example of multi program viewing was shown on the recent hit movie "Minority Report" when personalized commercial messages from walls of displays are directed to Tom Cruise as he walks past. These "Minority Report" displays produce physically segmented viewing spaces which enable the directing of messages to individual respective viewers located in a respective segmented viewing space. Alden claims that DramaView displays similarly physically segment viewer space to enable viewers in each respective segmented space to receive completely different image streams concurrently from the same display.

"Televisions built with the multi program mode, will end the fight for the remote control. Dad can watch the football game, while the kids watch cartoons, and mom surfs on the internet all on the same television at the same time", according to Ray M. Alden, President of DramaView and inventor of the system. Perhaps best of all ,"no resolution is sacrificed when operating in any of the three modes."

An early implementation of the multi program viewing system is described as US published patent application number 20030048389. This early implementation did not adequately provide a solution to deliver high resolution in all three modes as Alden claims his more advanced confidential designs do. Alden says that all of the components of the system are available from known vendors at known costs. He expects to be able to produce displays incorporating the three modes of operation at high resolution for as little as $1,000 per unit. His business plan projects over $1 billion (US) in worldwide consumer display sales within five years with $200 million in profits. He looks forward to a product launch in 18 to 24 months and a very fast financial breakeven.

According to Alden, virtually any pixel producing display system can be used to drive DramaView's multi mode display. "DMD, LCD, Plasma, or OLEDs for example can be used as the pixel generation engine to drive our multi mode display system." DramaView is a start up company that is currently courting strategic partners nationally and internationally who are interested in buying an equity position, supplying components, being a manufacturer of DramaView displays, and/or providing marketing and distribution synergies.

For More Information Contact:

Ray M. Alden, MBA

DramaView Technology Inc.

Visit: www.dramaview.com

Email: strategic@dramaview.com


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