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Books to help you learn about 3D computer graphics

If you need detailed information about computer graphics in general or a specific program then check out the following books. Provided to you In Association with Amazon.com.

Real-Time Rendering 2nd Edition

Real-Time Rendering 2nd Edition (RTR2) is the sequel to one of the best graphics books available. RTR2 is updated to include coverage of shaders, non-photorealistic rendering, curved surfaces, and more. Like the original, RTR2 usually describes techniques in basic detail and refers the reader to papers where they can get more information. This is a good way to learn the algorithms without getting confused. Real-time Rendering 2nd Edition is useful for hardware and software developers.

Click here to buy or read more about Real-Time Rendering 2nd Edition.

Computer Graphics:  Principle and Practice

Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice is a very detailed book (1175 pages). It is definitely not for beginners. If you're an advanced user looking for detailed information on algorithms and concepts then you should check it out. Many consider this book to be an industry bible.

Click here to buy or read more about this book.

A more introductory, and less expensive, version of Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice is also available.
Click here to find out more.

[digital] Lighting and Rendering

[digital] Lighting & Rendering is as much an artistic book as it is a computer book. Author Jeremy Birn doesn't focus on one software package. Instead he provides general techniques to create great looking images with a computer. Even an experienced computer artist should pick up some valuable tips.

The book's lessons are enhanced by brilliant color images.
Click here to buy or read more about this book.

How to get ideas

This last book isn't about graphics, but its topic is relevant to graphics and everyday life. Two stories stood out as I read How To Get Ideas. One showed that it is better to come up with a lot of ideas that might not be perfect, instead of looking for one perfect idea. Quantity, not quality matters most when you start brainstorming. Once you get the ball rolling the ideas keep coming.

The second story showed that simple, inexpensive ideas are often the best. Read How To Get Ideas to learn how an office building used mirrors to avoid installing an additional elevator. Click here to buy or read more about this highly recommended book.

Inside 3D Studio MAX 3

Inside 3D Studio MAX 3: Modeling, Materials, and Rendering is a solid book that teaches many techniques. The modeling sections are especially helpful. The book starts with general modeling concepts and then splits the discussion into more specific topics like high detail modeling, real time game modeling, architecture, and character modeling. A great book for beginners to experts.

Examples are included. Click here to buy or read more about this book.

3D Studio MAX 2 Effects Magic

3D Studio MAX 2 Effects Magic is intended to be a reference book. It uses tutorials to teach users how to create movie style special effects in 3D Studio MAX. Its sections include: Water Effects, Space Effects, Atmospheric and Terrestrial Realism, Explosions and Pyrotechnics. A basic knowledge of MAX is recommended.

Every page is in color. An included CD ROM contains textures, models, and examples for all the effects. Click here to buy or read more about this book.

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