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3D Displays

Almost everyone has seen, or heard of, 3D television shows or theme park attractions. Unfortunately you've had to wear special glasses to experience these three dimensional images. Not anymore. Companies are developing display technologies that remove the need for glasses.

Books, Videos, & Examples

If you want to see some examples of 3D images check out the following book or videos.

Beneath the Sea in 3D

Beneath the Sea in 3D is a hardcover book with 44 3D underwater photographs.
3D lenses come with the book.

Click here to buy or read more about this book.



America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills in 3D - Video
Galapagos in 3-D - Book
Walking with Dinosaurs: 3-D Dinosaurs - Book

To look for more books or videos go to Amazon.com logo

Dynamic Digital Depth offers 2D to 3D conversion services that convert existing film and still images to a 3D format. Below are two thumbnails. The one on the left is the original image. To view the converted image on right you'll need a pair of anaglyph glasses. Click on the images to view larger versions.

DDD can convert images to other formats as well. The technology used to convert these images might use techniques similar to those described in this article from the January 2002 issue of Computer Graphics World titled Single View Modeling.

eDimensional has recently released a 2D to 3D product that is similar to DDD's offering in concept, but it works in realtime. When used in combination with eDimensional's glasses the 3Dplus software allows consumers to watch their existing DVDs in stereoscopic 3D. Visit the web site for more information.


Check out these links for more information on autostereoscopic 3D imaging.

3D Workbench Project

4D-Vision GmbH - they manufacture 15" LCD and 50" plasma displays.

A.C.T. Kern - Free2C autostereoscopic display.

Deep Video Imaging Ltd. - actualdepth display technology uses layer LCD panels.

Dimensional Media Associates (DMA) - their High Definition Volumetric Display (HDVD) technology creates a true three dimensional image in mid-air.

Dimension Technologies, Inc. (DTI) - creator of The Virtual Window™.

Dresden 3D GmbH - autostereoscopic LCD the Dresden 3D Display (D4D)

Dynamic Digital Depth Inc. - sell 3D TVs and conversion technology.

eDimensional - makers of stereo glasses for gaming and other 3-D software.

Elumens' Visionstation is not a three dimensional display, but it is interesting none-the-less. It is a hemispherical workspace that could help you impress clients. It would probably make for a terrific arcade display too, but that is not the target market. The display wraps 180° around users engulfing them in a three dimensional world.

Ethereal Technologies - VIS4DT autostereoscopic Volumetric Display Workstation

Holographic Research - article from the November issue of Technology Review magazine discusses the research being done for true holographic displays.

Holoverse - holographic display research

IO2Technology - their Heliodisplay projects an image that floats in mid-air above the display unit, doesn't require glasses to view it, and can even be touched. The projected images is two-dimensional.

MIT Media Laboratory's Spatial Imaging Group

New View Systems - another 3D display company.

Panoram Technologies - polarized 3D display requires glasses.

Philips - some videos describe the 3D display technology and its advantages.

New York University's Autostereoscopic display project

Sanyo - information about their 3D display.

Sharp - research their SmartStereo display technology.

StereoGraphics - they make a lenticular lens based autostereoscopic LCD called Synthagram.

Toshiba - their flatbed 3D display technology could see production in 2007.

EE Times article - a British company called RealityVision Ltd. is also developing a 3D display.

3D-Web Gallery - this site has some great images. Imagine being able to view these without glasses.

VRex - High Resolution 3D Stereoscopic LCD Projector.

Fakespace - Immersive WorkWall

3D Technology Laboratories

Zebra Imaging - High resolution holograms

If you don't have any 3D glasses you can probably get some free by searching for "free 3d anaglyph glasses" on Google or any other search engine.

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